Università Iuav di Venezia


The MeLa Media Lab comprises a collective of professionals from universities, research centers, design studios, and companies.

Different professionals, knowledge, and experiences converge in the MeLa collective: experts and scholars of representation and communication; IT; specialists in the field of human-machine interaction and interactive artifacts; art and architecture historians; performance historians; semiologists; artists; web designers; product and communication designer; economists; directors; perception psychologists; philosophers of science.

The research objectives conducted in the laboratory are the study and experimentation of systems and methods for the production and representation of artifacts in the fields of visual arts, theatre, design, and architecture on a local and territorial scale.

Specific skills

• creation of explorable 3D models, digital animations, videos, rendered images and adv photographs, multimedia and editorial works, websites, multimedia and interactive installations for shows and exhibitions
• processing and treatment of digital media
• coordination, preparation, and management of exhibitions
• research, experimentation, and development of new forms of representation, communication, interaction
• research in the field of multisensory interaction and new interfaces applied to the communication of architecture and design, cultural products, and visual and performing arts
• design of cognitive, perceptive, and emotional experience: design methods oriented towards experimental and experiential verification
• organization of seminars, training courses, and masters aimed at new professions, post-graduate training, and updating of public administration personnel

Malvina Borgherini
associate professor at the Iuav University of Venice, scientific director of the MeLa Media Lab

Luciano Comacchio
architect, director of MeLa Media Lab

Lorenzo Lazzari
Ph.D, University of Udine

Giovanni Siard
architect, teacher, MeLa Media Lab

Matteo Morassut
architect, teacher, MeLa Media Lab

Iulia Pop
designer, MeLa Media Lab

Alice Volpe
architect, MeLa Media Lab

Giacomo Savegnago
architect, MeLa Media Lab

Vanessa Paccagnella
architect, MeLa Media Lab

Elisa Ossino
architect, designer, Elisa Ossino Studio

Mattia Balsamini
photographer, Contrasto agency

Federico Cedrone
photographer, Federico Cedrone Studio

Maurizio Polese
photographer, MeLa Media Lab

Edoardo Vojvoda
videomaker, CROMO Studio

Nicola Torpei
interaction designer, Nicola Torpei srl

Luca Fontana
graphic designer, YOHOHO Studio

Andrea Serrani
web developer, YOHOHO Studio